Scrappy Pandemic

I have a funny story about this quilt. Once I had a few blocks made and thought it was turning out really nice, I decided to submit it to the magazines. They had requested scrappy quilts, and I already got the word my initial Quarantine quilt had been selected. I submitted this one before I started sewing the blocks together. After a day's work, I started sewing the rows together and each block was 1/2-3/4" off! I couldn't believe I had messed them up so bad! Immediately I went to my computer and shot off an email requesting they remove it from their considerations because my piecing was not up to their standards and I was so sorry I had submitted it before putting it together. A couple hours later, I went back and tried to figure out what I had done to mess up the blocks ---- then I realized I was trying to match the wrong seams when putting the rows together. Sheesh! Oh well, at least now I can post about it! If selected I can't post until it's published.

So after making Quarantine (the one to be in Quiltmaker Jan/Feb 2021), and Quarantine 2, (uses the Bonnie Hunter block) my third scrappy quilt to make during the Covid-19 pandemic, is called, well, Pandemic. I used a 6" log cabin block I found in my EQ software. I started out intending it to be a paper pieced quilt, but since there were no points to match, just measured the lengths on the pattern and made it using the regular machine piecing method.

I've ordered the backing, which will be pretty bright and colorful, and hopefully be perfect for it. Still deciding on how to quilt it. Probably use one of my tried and true paper pantographs.

I liked this log cabin pattern because the center is bigger that the width of the strips. I think it gives the pattern a little different look from a normal log cabin, especially noticeable in the lights.

The backing looks like it will be great. I hope it looks as good in person as it did on the computer screen. It is wide backing from Keepsake Quilting and should arrive soon.

I added a 5" white border all around. That will make it about 82" square which is a size I prefer to go on any of our beds. I think I've mentioned before I like to have a white matelasse coverlet on the beds, with the quilt either at the foot, or pulled up over it. That way, if the quilt doesn't come to the bottom edge of the top mattress, it doesn't matter. May not be for everyone but I prefer that. Especially on a king size bed. King size quilts are a bear to wash and dry.

I will put a label on it to describe this time in our history and why the name, Pandemic. Labels are important on quilts. Remember they will outlive us, the makers. I'll post the finished product as soon as it comes off the machine.

I'm already thinking of my next scrappy quilt and wanting to find a good paper piecing project.


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