Pandemic, the quilt

This beauty was finished yesterday. Right now, it is my new favorite. Named it Pandemic. I added a label that describes this time in history.

Whenever I finish I new quilt, I like to see how it looks on the little twin beds. I like to try out different accent pillows.

The quilt is about 80" x 80. I've already washed it and it shrunk several inches but still looks great on the little bed.

This was a log cabin block pattern found in EQ8 software. Just love it. :)

I've been seeing a lot of porch quilts on instagram and facebook. I so enjoy seeing them and wanted to figure out how to make a strong, but portable, hanging system to do that on my own porch. I watched an Instagram video from Jenny Doan, @jennymsqc, that showed how to make one. Off to Lowe's I went for the EMT Conduit. Pretty cheap too, at less than $3.00 for a ten foot piece, and they cut it to 7' for me free.

This bright quilt is a design that was published in the Spring 2017 issue of Quilts from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks. It was made to resemble my blog emblem, "Around the Blocks."

I think I'll be hanging quilts out there periodically just to bring some smiles to the passersby. I'm already thinking about the patriotic quilts that will go on the rods for July 4th.

Do you hang quilts on your porch, or inside your home for decor?



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