Challenging Quilt

Sometimes I just enjoy a challenge. A few weeks ago I decided to start a very challenging quilt. I've done very few Y seams and am terrible at them. I'm not enough of a perfectionist to take the time to do them exact. So I started a quilt that is totally Y seams. I mean totally. Smart, huh? My thoughts were surely I can get the hang of them.

I'm now at the point of putting the rows together and I can say, I still don't have the hang of them. Many are wonky, but I'm ok with that. I've learned to look at the big picture and not fret so much about the little details. I'll let you's going to be great, right?

I don't usually make my quilts for competitions, but just for the pure pleasure of creating something beautiful. I found this pattern and was enthralled with it. I knew it would be a challenge, but in challenging times I always tell myself, others have done this, surely I can too. Below is the designer and her quilt pattern.

I decided not to do the flowers inside the hexis and I added some low volume lights here and there in mine. I started out using scraps but decided after making four scrap quilts during the pandemic I needed more fabric. I chose a Tula Pink fat quarter pack called True Colors. Beautiful fabrics. I still added a few scraps here and there.

It has been a challenge for me. For the setting triangles, the pattern is written to use either a template or a 60 degree ruler without a flat top on one of the angles. I measured out my strips to cut the setting triangles and used my ruler WITH a flat top, so my triangles were too big. I had a terrible time and it took me many, many, many circle blocks before I figured out what was wrong.

I had several discussions with the most gracious designer, Lessa Siegele, who helped me. As said before I am no perfectionist, so I proceeded to make them work. I still worry as I do the rows that some of my triangles may have to be re-cut and re-sewn, but I'll deal with this as it comes.....if I can't make them work as is.

Our house is full these days with my son, his wife, and their two kids, so I am not getting as much sewing time, but I sure don't mind! If they are gone doing their own thing, I'll sneak in some sewing. It will get finished. And I think it's going to be great.

What is your most challenging quilt?


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