Bed Quilts

As I said in my previous post, I've been spending some time lately re-decorating my upstairs bonus room. it is turning into quite the retreat room, I added small wall desk this weekend. The look is very similar to our twins bedroom. I liked the look so much I wanted to duplicate it upstairs, with some differences of course. I told my husband he should be glad I spend my money on beds to display my quilts, rather than all the other expensive things I could be spending my money on. :) Enjoy!

And, as usual, I switched out a quilt on one of the twin beds. This Plus Quilt is one I submitted for publication but it was not accepted. :( It is a pretty easy quilt to make using lights and dark scraps. The dark strips are cut 1 1/2", the squares are cut 2 1/2" and the bigger squares are cut 5 1/2". I love how it turned out.

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