Empty Nesters and Twin Bed Guest Room

We are empty nesters again, so it was time to dress the twins (beds) as a guest room. These two quilts are probably my favorites of the four I made during the pandemic.. My son, his wife, and the two kids, who have been living with us the last nine months have moved to their own place. We are all happy they are finally getting into their own living space but we are sure going to miss the littles. We've grown to love them so very much. Life will be much quieter, and there should be some more sewing getting done, and of course the house will stay cleaner but.....it is going to take some time for us to adjust to life without the happy, loud, voices of children. Thankfully, they are only five minutes away so we still hope to see them often.

And when they come back for sleep overs and visits, this will still be "their" room.

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