For the Love of Quilting

So fun to get another quilt published. This one was made from a barn quilt block I have on my front porch. A few years ago I asked a friend (Hi Beverly!!) if she would take my design and make a small quilt block of wood. She did a great job. I still have it on my porch.

I called the quilt, "Barn Burst" and you can find the pattern in the Nov/Dec 2020 Issue of Love of Quilting. I keep my block out year round. With the colors we used, it is particularly good for the Christmas Season.

You can see it peeking out in a pic I took around July 4th, when I was doing a social distancing drive by quilt show. I need to do some more of that. :)

I've been working on the challenging Ring Cycles quilt lately but my sewing time is dramatically reduced these days. I am spending a lot of my time with two precious little people. But, I did complete the piecing and have finally gotten it onto the long arm machine. Check back with me in a few days. I hope to have it finished and can give you some good pictures. Fingers crossed that the quilting will draw the eye away from the flaws, and the circles and colors will be what is noticed.

After it is finished I'll be working on a memory quilt for a mom who had a son pass away unexpectedly last year. I'm so happy to do this for her, but I need to spend some time deciding on the right pattern, size, etc. So I have some planning work to do before I start it. I've also got another little project in mind. It is a cute, unusual, baby quilt in the above issue of Love of Quilting. You'll have to get a copy and make one along with me!


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