Life at Home

I've been pretty busy lately. With working at my part time job, trying to get some memory quilts made, wanting to do some painting, and planning for some changes in the next couple of months. I was asked to make some memory quilts for the wife and daughters of a sweet and wonderful man who recently passed away. I usually only make offers to make these, don't do commissions or requests, and have never made more than one for a family. It was a bit ambitious for me. I've got two tops made, just two more to go. Below is the image from the first pattern, Garden Lattice, by Briar Hill Designs. Great for shirt strips or jelly rolls.

Below is my version made with shirt strips. You know, shirts are definitely harder to work with than quilting fabric. Many are very loosely woven, and raveled easily, others are stretched out and of course the plaids are rarely straight. Still, I like the way it turned out.

Next is a little pattern I made up in Excel. Yes, Excel, not EQ software. It looks a little different after made up, from the pattern, because my excel squares weren't truly squares. I designed it after some similar designs seen on Pinterest.

The next two will be some sort of rendition of the below pattern. I ran out of longer strips and had to cut the remaining pieces into 6 1/2" and 2 1/2" pieces.

I don't think these last two will be as fast to piece as the first two.

I took some time to do some primitive mending today. I have a pair of favorite Loft jeans that have the 'ripped' look on one knee. At my age I am not fond of seeing my white knee when I sit. I had put some fabric behind the white loose threads before, but decided today to actually put a patch on the back, cut off the white threads, and just hand stitch around it. I tried on my little sewing machine, but those skinny legs wouldn't hardly work to get the fabric to the needle properly.

I managed to get two side barely machine sewn but must have had my stitch length on "microscopic"...nope not taking that out. I did see some awesome mending work on Instagram and saw they used a japanese Sashiko thread for mending. I'll have that the next time. It reminded me of when, as a teenager in the 70's, I deliberately cut a hole in my jeans to do some embroidery embellishments. Oh the 70's... :)

....and if you haven't tried this method for machine binding, I highly recommend it. Sew the binding on the front as you would do for hand binding. Use a school glue stick and press it down on the back. It sticks great. Then sew it from the front right along the edge, catching the back. Works fabulously.

As far as the future plans....they aren't quilt related, but home related. My son and his family, who have been living with us the past 7 months, are moving into their own place locally. We are happy for them. I'm sure it hasn't been easy living in someone else's home, even if it was family. We are just praying we still get to see them several times a week. I have plans to makeover the upstairs guest room, do some faux shiplap in the twin bed grandkids room, and some other fun homemaking plans, and of course some major decluttering. Life is good and I'm very thankful.

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