Other than quilting

I do have a lot of other interests and hobbies besides quilting. Here's a look at some of my other recent projects. I did a faux shiplap wall in the grandkids room a couple of weeks ago. I love the look but wasn't sure I'd want it for a long time. This can be easily removed without damage to the sheetrock. I used 1/8" black whiteboard tape, a pencil, a level, and about 3 hours time it was done.

Oh, and I did use a glue gun to put a dot of glue in the corners to help secure the tape. This is my favorite little room in our home. We are having a guest tonight so the kids are sleeping upstairs with momma and daddy and I was able to get the room back in tip top shape ---read: hide the toys. :)

Another project I am currently working on is some board and batten in our back hallway.

This hasn't been what I would call an easy job. I first put the vertical boards up without worrying too much about hitting studs - not a good idea. I decided later to not worry so much about them being exactly a certain distance apart but to make sure I hit studs. I am now on my fifth (!?) iteration of spackling and sanding. I used furring strips so they were very, very rough. I'm resigned to the fact that they won't be perfectly smooth. I hope to get the first coat of paint on this evening.

So, what hobbies do you have other than quilting??

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Edited to add new pictures of finished Board and Batten:

I'm so happy how this project turned out. Love it!

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