Published Quilt!

It is always exciting to get a magazine in the mail with one of my quilts inside. I've tried and tried to get others of my quilting friends to try their hand at publishing a pattern for a magazine. It is easier than most quilters think!

Mine, Quarantine, is on page 27 of this Jan/Feb 2021 issue. It is a simple scrappy pattern, the first of four scrappy quilts I made during the summer/fall of this pandemic.

I was also selected to be in their "Designer Spotlight" in this issue of Quiltmaker, a real honor. There is a two page spread about my quilting and other interests. They asked lots of questions about me, how I began quilting, my other hobbies, and my favorite tips, so I obliged. ;)

I am very blessed and thankful I have this hobby. If you pick up a copy, let me know what you think!

As I mentioned before, my son, his wife, and two grandchildren are living with us for a few months. I don't have much time for designing or quilting, but do manage a little every now and then. They have been away the last few days visiting her parents, so I was able to finish up my Appalachian Autumn quilt. Too bad I didn't get it finished before Thanksgiving. That's ok, I'll use it next year or gift it. Was all ready to quilt it last night, but my thread was old and kept breaking, now to wait on some new thread to arrive.

This one is a Bonnie Hunter pattern. She has the best scrappy quilt patterns!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have been able to find many blessings in this difficult year.....and are getting a little sewing time over the holiday.


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