Quilt Storage

First off, I am so thankful those of you who have found my website and have subscribed. I won't bother you with very many email notifications. I don't sell patterns online but just love to post about things I love - quilts! I hope to inspire your own quilty endeavors.

I have recently found a good place to store a lot of my quilts. Still looking for a nice glass front, low cabinet for display and storage but after the upstairs closet was cleaned out, I discovered some great quilt storage shelves.

Our upstairs has been occupied for the last nine months with my son and daughter-in-love. I am excited about getting it cleaned out, purged, and am doing some much planned decor. I have several names for this room -- the Airbnb room, the Bonus room, and the Retreat. It will serve as my little retreat, and our room for adult guests. We have several family members to live far away and visit sometimes. I'll try to post here when I get it all fixed up. :)

As I was cleaning and purging, and all the kid's books were removed from this basket, I decided it also would make a great quilt display. These three are shirt quilts. Two are mostly from my son's shirts and the third is from his leftovers and some thrifted shirts. I love these quilts on the twin beds in the fall.

Show me how you store and display your quilts. I'd love to see!


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