Two Little Miss Sawtooth Quilts

Yes, I made two of these. They are fun to make, fairly quick and pretty easy. Now that I have two twin beds in one room and two double beds in another.....well, I need two similar quilts. They look so cute in this room!

Moved the two previously on the twin beds to the doubles, but just laid them across. The mattresses on these beds fit so tight against the metal footboard, it's hard to stuff the quilt there.

I used a new to me pantograph called Knit 1 Purl 2 on the blue version. It was fun, easy and turned out great.

Hopefully in a few weeks I will no longer use paper pantographs. I am upgrading to computerization using the Butler Quilting Robotics Quilt EZ computerization retrofit to my Gammill Premier Plus long arm machine. I've thought about this for several years and mostly thought I didn't want to do it -- it might be difficult to learn, it takes away from the 'hand guided' part of the craft, etc. But in the end, I just want my quilting to be better and be able to do some more intricate and precise patterns. The Quilt EZ is significantly lower cost than the Gammill retrofit or some other options I considered. Since I only quilt for myself I hated to spend a lot of money for my hobby -- however, I must add my husband has no problem spending money on his fishing hobby! So with his encouragement I ordered it last Friday. Hope to have it installed in a few weeks.

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