Vintage Glory

When I saw this pattern I wanted to make it. I mean you can't go wrong with a patriotic quilt. I plan to donate one of mine in September at our annual church picnic/auction, so I need one to replace it, right? The pattern is by Erica Arndt. She has perfected the truck pattern and has a whole line of patterns featuring vintage trucks.

I'm not sure how my borders go so wavy. I tried hard to measure and cut correctly. I used a trick I read about - spraying the wavy parts with water and patting them in place. It did seem to help. I will be quilting this one in a couple of weeks after my Quilt EZ robot is installed on my 2008 Gammill Premier Plus. I considered purchasing the Elevate by Gammill but the cost was just too prohibitive for me, and since I only quilt for myself and not a business, I think the Quilt EZ will be perfect for my needs. I've debated for a few years on whether to upgrade to the computer, but I finally decided to go for it. I'm excited to be learning something new.

With school starting this week locally, I am ready for fall. I've got a few quilts planned to make before Christmas and I am excited to get started and be able to do some, hopefully, improved quilting on them.

What are your fall sewing plans?



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